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What is a Class C Felony and Sentences in Washington?


You might wonder: what is a Class C felony, and what sentences in Washington? A Class C Felony is a serious offense. It is essential to be aware of the penalties you might face if convicted of a felony. Felony crimes are severe criminal charges and are punishable by two years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 for a Class C Felony.

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Why Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Washington?

If you’re facing a Class C felony charge in Washington state, finding a criminal defense attorney to handle your case is your top priority. A Class C felony conviction can result in up to five years of incarceration and a fine of up to $10,000, depending on the severity of the crime and whether or not it’s your first offense. 

The punishment for a Class C felony may seem harsh, but the consequences for not having an experienced Washington defense attorney on your side are even worse.

It can be tough to know what makes a skilled criminal defense attorney since it is a personal experience. So many factors can come into play when looking for a lawyer, from their track record to their personality. 

Here are some considerations we like to keep in mind when looking for a lawyer: 

  • Knowledge of the law
  • Experience in court
  • Experience handling your type of criminal charge
  • Ability to listen
  • Personal communication style

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What is a Class C Felony in Washington?

Together with the corresponding allowable punishments, each felony crime in Washington charged is included in the sentencing guidelines. Although Class C felonies are the least serious of the three, they are nevertheless more severe than misdemeanors (such as Trespass 2) and gross misdemeanors (e.g., Theft 3, Unlawful Display of a Weapon).

What constitutes a Class C felony in WA state? Class C felonies include a variety of criminal offenses. Here are a few instances:

  • Second-degree theft (property valued between $750 and $1,500)
  • Third-degree assault
  • Third-degree rape (consent/date rape)


What Penalties Apply to Class C Felonies?

The punishments for Class C felonies will differ depending on the particular facts of each case and the local laws of the area where the offender is facing charges. Because Class C felonies typically fall towards the middle of the criminal spectrum, a convicted offender may face penalties that are less severe than life in prison without the possibility of parole while still likely receiving some jail time.

A person found guilty of a Class C felony will often have to serve two to five years imprisonment. It is possible to receive a longer sentence, though. Other punishments for Class C offenses may include monetary fines, community work or restitution, parole, probation, or a combination of these. 

A Class C felony conviction can also result in the loss of specific privileges and benefits, including limitations on the ability to vote, serve on a jury, possess guns, and/or get employment or housing.


Other Consequences of A Felony Conviction 

We need to look beyond the prison term and fines when examining the overall repercussions a person may experience after being found guilty of a Class C Felony conviction.

  • Damaged reputation: Any person convicted of a felony offense has their reputation damaged in their community.
  • An indelible mark on the criminal background: A felony charge will remain on your record for life. Your ability to find housing, a job, and the opportunity to attend college may all be adversely affected. If you ever run into legal issues in the future, this can also impact you. When determining future charges and sentencing, prosecutors will consider your prior felony conviction against you.
  • Driving penalties: If your offense involves driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may have to deal with lengthy license suspensions and higher insurance costs.


Legal Defenses

The good news is that if a person has been accused of a criminal offense, there are legal defenses they can assert. A legal defense essentially contends that the defendant is innocent for some reason. A successful defense may result in a charge being reduced or even dropped.

Depending on the specific Class C felony the defendant is accused of and the applicable statutes, they might be able to assert several defenses, including:

  • Defending oneself or another;
  • Lack of evidence or proof;
  • An identity mistake;
  • Absence of intent
  • Alibi; and/or
  • Mitigating factors.

Please keep in mind, though, that raising the proper defense on your behalf requires the skills and knowledge of a Washington criminal defense lawyer. The objective of using a defense is to spare the accused from undergoing the very challenging sentencing procedure for felonies in Washington. The circumstances of a criminal case will typically determine the best defense.


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