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What should I do if I forgot to list a creditor on my bankruptcy schedule?

If you are filing for Chapter seven and you have forgotten to list a creditor on your schedule, we can amend your schedules for a fee of $50. This includes a $31 court fee and a minor fee for administration. However, it may not be necessary to amend your creditors schedule. If you are a no asset debtor, meaning that there isn’t going to be any money for the bankruptcy court to distribute, your bankruptcy discharge is good against the whole world.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you listed a creditor or not. However, if you’re in Chapter 13 and you’re filing a reorganization plan, it’s very important that all of your creditors are listed because creditors in that type of case do not get discharge discharged if they do not get listed. The reason is, is that a creditor has to be listed. It has to be included among the addresses in order to make sure that they get notice of your bankruptcy, if there is any money for them to receive.