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The process of managing assets and estate after someone’s death is a challenge that a lot of people tend to forget until it’s too late. There are multiple ways of planning for the inevitable, and one of them is the power of attorney. If any individual wants to give a loved one or a guardian the capacity to make certain decisions on your behalf in Othello, Washington, you are giving them a power of attorney or POA.

While there are many different types, all of them have one common element: the power of one person to make decisions for another. A POA Attorney in Othello, Washington can allow you to craft a suitable POA for your needs and help you make a robust document whatever situation you may face. Our experienced POA attorneys at McBurney Law should be able to give legal advice to you regarding this situation. You may go to the link in our contact page to schedule your consultation today!

Why do I need a POA Attorney in Washington?

power of attorneyEstate planning and its tools such as the power of attorney allow us to plan ahead. This gives us a lot of options, from:

  • Being able to act during a time of need;
  • Taking social security properly;
  • Taking initiative on issues that might have a larger impact in the future

This is where an experienced POA Attorney can come in handy. An adept Washington POA Attorney can help any client appoint any agent like a loved one or a spouse to legally act on their behalf for financial decisions and healthcare concerns. Our lawyers should be able to:

  • Pinpoint specific Washington decrees that affects your estate planning;
  • Suggest multiple ways and tools to craft a robust plan;
  • Take into consideration the context such as assets, finances and concerns of the client.

A POA Attorney in Othello, WA should be able to guide our clients with the information that they might need to consider. If you are interested, make sure to schedule a consultation with us to know your options.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows an individual to grant another person called an agent the capacity to make financial or medical decisions for them. There are multiple reason why an individual would like this option, from:
Elder law case, were the individual is too old to be able to make decisions for themselves

Incapacitation of an individual due to an accident or health care concern
Guardianship concerns, especially if an individual has minor children that would inherit multiple assets.

If nobody knows the individual’s personal decision when these happen, the rest of his loved ones and the court will have to choose on their own. This leads to a good chance that they could get it wrong.

The individual requesting for the POA, called the principal, is able to dictate the particular scope of the attorney-in-fact authority. By giving this authority to a close friend, loved one, or life partner, you are allowing them to decide for you in these cases. The exact scope of their authority is up to you, and will depend on what you need for the situation.

With a POA document, you are able to make your choices known to your agents that could implement, grant, and carry out your wishes if necessary.

Types of Power of Attorney

In managing your real estate, multiple types of power of attorneys are available. In the United States, multiple states have different laws and statutes in place concerning these different types of power of attorney. Depending on your context, a specific POA can be much more useful to you. The general types are listed below:

General Power of Attorney

This power of attorney allows the agent to act for the executor in general financial concerns like banking and real estate management. This is mainly used for:

    • Single-time real estate transactions (ex. filing a bank statement)

Durable Power of Attorney

This power of attorney is one of the most common types of POA used. It is durable because it continues after an individual’s incapacity. This POA usually has the following advantages:

    • More robust in cases where the principal is not around,
    • The agent can be allowed to access financial concerns from the moment of incapacity to your death
    • Allows the agent to do critical decisions but allows the principal to revoke the power once they are able to decide for themselves

This is primarily used in elder law concerns where the individual is incapable of representing themselves due to old age. Major financial and health care concerns are covered by their agent in times of need.

Medical Power of Attorney

The medical POA is a specific type of power of attorney. This is also usually called the health care surrogate process. In this setup, the agent is allowed to decide extremely important health care decisions on the executor’s behalf if they become incompetent. While they are allowed to make decisions that are not covered by your decisions, they can never contradict their terms.

If you are considering any of these, our estate planning law firm in Washington is willing to offer our legal services and assist with the concerns of our clients. While setting this up can be a simple process, there are some concerns that will inevitably be convoluted. When this happens, it will be much easier if you have an adept POA lawyer to help you along the way.

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When an inevitable issue arises, it is best that we are always prepared for the sake of our other loved ones. The effect of our choices now can allow us to be active in the future even when we are not around. With a power of attorney, anyone can prepare for such concerns. Getting a reliable POA Attorney in Othello, Washington can help you with these concerns.

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Our clients have had their questions resolved and their POA concerns resolved. If you are thinking about getting a power of attorney, Attorney Patrick McBurney will be able to help you with our expert legal services. Schedule a consultation with us to help you prepare for the future!