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How much does bankruptcy cost and can I make payments on my attorney fees?

This is the most common question that I get. Bankruptcy has some mandatory fees. There is a filing fee of $350. I generally charge a $25 credit report fee when I prepare your bankruptcy petition. My fees and rates are reasonable, and I charge them on a case by case basis. I will review your case and determine what your fee is at that particular point in time.

Once I determine what the fee is, the question is, is can I make payments? Well, I can set up a payment plan for you to make payments to me until the total amount of the fee that we’ve agreed upon is paid. However, I generally do not file bankruptcies where the fee has not been paid in full. The reason for this is that if I file for bankruptcy and I defer the payments, then my attorney’s fees are discharged along with all of the other creditors and my wife gets unreasonable about that.